Amid the cobwebs and the light that streams through broken windows, you can almost hear a building whisper, “I have a story.” As industries change, buildings often get left behind and we are left to wonder what took place there, and why are they no longer in use. The photographs here document these buildings and how they have been ravaged by time and are often reduced to their original form. There is a tension in our brief interaction with them, without human intervention, buildings take on a sense of inertia and the feeling of a mausoleum, a fantastical in-between space, but not quite a heterotopia. This is an architecture that most people will never see. Aside from the art form, it is important to have a photographic record of the factories, transportation hubs, and houses that once played an important role in shaping our culture, communities, and country. All of these buildings once had significance; every place has a story of its past and its present state, and in some cases, a plan for the future.
As a photographer, it is important to tune in, not only to the architecture, the fittings, the furniture, and the debris strewn across these spaces, but also the nostalgia and memories they evoke. As time passes, these buildings, and the landscapes in and around them, become relics of a disappearing way of life. This is especially true when entire towns have been abandoned due to the demise of local industries.
Prints are available upon request, sizing are prices are available, please use the contact form below to find out more. All photos have been taken throughout Australia, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, France, Luxembourg, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic and Austria
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